First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival

This site features the full audio from the rare LP record First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival, published by Creative Computing in 1979.

The First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival was held August 25, 1978 as part of the Personal Computing '78 show.

The navigation sidebar to the right includes the album's liner notes, which describe the event, the programmers, and the computers that created the music.

Composer/Piece Synthesizer Programmer Time Listen
Mexican Hat Dance RCA COSMAC Mel Richman 2:24 [Download]
Scott Joplin/Maple Leaf Rag RCA COSMAC Joe Welsbecker 1:00 [Download]
J.S. Bach/“Little” Fugue in g minor RCA COSMAC Gooitzen van der Wal 4:00 [Download]
Lennon & McCartney/Hey Jude RCA COSMAC Andrew Modia 1:43 [Download]
J.S. Bach/Suite for Orchestra #2 in b minor (excerpt) RCA COSMAC* Gooitzen van der Wal 1:29 [Download]
*With flute accompaniment by Gooitzen van der Wal
George Cohan/Yankee Doodle Dandy RCA COSMAC Andrew Modia 1:21 [Download]
J.S. Bach/Fugue in G major ALF John Ridges 4:48 [Download]
J.S. Bach/2 Part Invention in C Major ALF John Ridges 1:17 [Download]
J. Pachelbel/Canon in D major ALF John Ridges 7:12 [Download]
Rimsky-korsakov/Flight of the Bumblebee SSM Malcolm Wright & Steve North 3:01 [Download]
Flight of the Bumblebee (backwards) SSM Wright & North 3:01 [Download]
Robert Sherman/It's a Small World SSM Wright & North 0:47 [Download]
Neil Diamond/Desiree SSM Malcolm Wright 2:50 [Download]
J.S. Bach/Toccata & Fugue in d Minor NOTRAN Hal Chamberlin 8:00 [Download]
George Cohan/Yankee Doodle Dandy Software Technology David Ahl 1:36 [Download]
Chattaway & Mills/Red Wing Schertz Donald Schertz 1:10 [Download]
Johann Wanhal/Rondo from Sonata in B flat for Clarinet and Piano Newtech* Dorothy Siegel 3:52 [Download]
*With clarinet accompaniment by Dorothy Siegel
Synthesized computer speech demonstration (1963) Bell Laboratories D.H. Van Lenten 2:20 [Download]